Most Fuel-Efficient Toyota Models

2020 Camry Hybrid XLE shown in Celestial Silver Metallic

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Most Fuel Efficient Toyota Models

Toyota Model City MPG* Highway MPG* Combined MPG*
2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid 53 52 52
2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid 51 53 52
2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid 43 44 44
2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 41 38 40
2020 Toyota Camry 29 41 34
2021 Toyota Corolla 31 38 34
2020 Toyota RAV4 28 35 30
2020 Toyota Avalon 22 32 26

The Toyota brand continues to excel in offering drivers safe, eco-friendly vehicles that they can trust for years and miles to come. The 2020 Camry Hybrid can earn up to 53 highway mpg and the 2021 Corolla Hybrid can return up to 52 highway mpg,* leading the lineup of fuel-efficient Toyota cars and Toyota SUVs for sale. Interested in learning more about Toyota fuel economy ratings or Toyota mpg info? View our informative fuel consumption comparison chart, then schedule a test-drive at our Toyota dealership in Kansas City, KS.

If saving at the pump is a requirement with your next Toyota lease or purchase, rest assured that we have a wide variety of amazing options for you. Searching for fuel-efficient cars in Kansas City? The 2020 Toyota Camry gas mileage ratings are better than ever, or opt for the 2021 Toyota Corolla and you’ll find yourself taking the scenic route whenever possible. The 2021 Prius includes available all-wheel drive capabilities and a 50-highway mpg rating,* while the new Avalon — available as a hybrid model — delivers true style for miles on end. And if you’re under the belief that spacious, family-friendly vehicles can’t be eco-friendly, think again. That’s because the new RAV4 Hybrid SUV boasts up to 38 highway mpg,* with the 2020 Toyota RAV4 model following closely behind at 35 highway mpg.*